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Revolutionize your analytics game with our AI-powered platform. Fast, Affordable, Insightful.

All the visualisations you need built natively

Create anything. Generate ad-hoc insights and identify user journeys.


Bringing it all together. One stop destination for building reports and sharing across teams.


Why just stop at insights? Go ahead and engage with users. Create campaigns based on user cohorts and actions.


Impactful and easy way to analyze the user interactions over time and different dimensions.


Easiest way to grasp user conversion at every stage through integrated breakdown, offering a clear view of user journey across various demographics.


Segment your users based on any property to build sophisticated user cohorts. Cohorts help in understanding behaviour of a segment of users.

Easy for everyone.
Deep for experts.

Combine metrics, drill down and overlay functions. Pi serves as the comprehensive solution for various use cases, offering an all-in-one product experience.

Identify Navigation Patterns

Understand the paths users take to navigate your platform and optimise them.

Engage & Retain

Leverage the engage module to retain users on your website via whatsapp, push notiicatios, SMSs, emails. Broadcast, unicast to any segment of your choice real time.

Funnel Drop Offs

Pinpoint to where users leave and why. Turn these insights to lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Product Performance

Understand and optimise performance. Be it your products or your pages, screens. Discern emerging trends, optimise inventory management, take timely action on last mile delivery, reduce return rates.

Customer Segmentation

Segment users based on behaviour, demographics, or location. Tailor marketing and communication strategies for each segment. Personalise promotions and discounts for specific user groups.


ColonI wish I had this product 5 years ago!Pi has played a pivotal role in significantly enhancing our product. The insights gathered through analytics have provided us with a deep understanding of user behaviour, allowing us to make informed decisions to improve the overall user experience.
Aishwary SharmaBusiness & Marketing HeadWondermart
ColonPercept Insight cuts saas analytics costs by 45%!Percept Insight's solution addresses the challenge of high data consumption cost, offering easy query definition and insightful visualizations at a lower cost. Two udaan teams reduced their SaaS analytics expenses by 45% after switching to Percept. Do check it out!
Divjot SinghSoftware ArchitectUdaan

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What is Percept Insight?
Percept Insight is a simple yet powerful real-time analytics platform that enables businesses to build better products with deep insights at minimal costs. It provides actionable insights into user behaviour, user engagement, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This enables companies to make data-driven decisions and improve user experience, user retention, and overall business outcomes.
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Insights that increase user engagement Revolutionize your analytics game with our AI-powered platform. Fast, Affordable, Insightful.Get Started →
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