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Insights is your own personal tour guide in the vast wilderness of data. With Insights, you get a bigger picture, easy to comprehend in-depth views that helps you simplify complex trends. Data visualization has never been easier as you receive a detailed overview presented in graphs and charts. And decision-making? It's now as smooth as butter, helping you sidestep those pesky business bumps.

Insights Feature


Customer conversion is a critical aspect of every business, and our Funnels feature enhances your understanding of it. Think of a Funnels as a staircase that your users take. This feature enables you to track every step of their journey within an app or website. However, the functionality of Funnels extends beyond that. With this feature, you can also spy on those spots where they get distracted and drop off.

Funnels Feature


Cohorts are like ingroups of users who are united by a certain trait. For example, you can create a group of users who hopped on board in the same month or go bananas over a particular deal - you can club them into a 'cohort.' Creating individual "groups" or cohorts makes it easier for you to conduct insightful experiments. Now, picture linking Cohorts with our Insights feature. Voila! You can now begin your business experiments to enhance user engagement on your platform. And that is not it, with real-time evaluation stay up to date on your user behavior.

Cohort Feature


Our AI-driven solution is designed to uncover out-of-season anomalies and unexpected irregularities while automatically alerting you whenever there are deviations. You can also customise the sensitivity of your alerts with our easy-to-use slider, enabling you to decide when to be notified about minor hiccups or major crises. It's like having control over when and how serious issues are brought to your attention.

Anomaly Detection Feature


Dashboards are not merely data display boards; they serve a much broader purpose. They're the scriptwriters of your data-driven epic saga. Through user interactions, you can create compelling stories and gain valuable insights to improve your business decision-making abilities. Our dashboard functions as a centralized hub for all your reporting requirements, allowing your team to stay ahead in this highly competitive business world.



Engage with your users like never before! Harness the power of user cohorts and actions to create tailored campaigns that will captivate your audience and drive conversions.