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How Wondermart Enhanced Its Visibility and Conversion with Percept Insight Funnel Drop-Off Analysis Feature — Our E-commerce Client Use-Case!

Wondermart is a really cool online supermarket in India that helps people buy groceries from the comfort of their homes. They wanted to make life easier for shoppers, but they had trouble keeping customers coming back.

Well, majorly they had a problem with users leaving their site after they added items to their cart — Which means the users were leaving without making a purchase.

They wanted to know why this was happening and how to fix it — Their solution? Funnel Drop-Off Analysis feature from Percept Insight.

Let’s start this use case from the root!

Identifying Bottlenecks in the Funnel

The Challenge

Before the integration of Percept Insight, Wondermart faced a conundrum. They witnessed a significant drop-off at a particular funnel stage, which came out as a roadblock in converting potential customers into loyal shoppers.

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Implementing Percept Insight Funnel Drop-Off Analysis

With the adoption of Percept Insight “Insights”, Wondermart gained a panoramic view of its sales funnel. The Funnel Drop-Off Analysis became a guiding beacon, disclosing bottlenecks and helping Wondermart to deal with the challenges.

Improving Visibility

Transparency in Performance Metrics

Percept Insight’s Funnel Drop-Off Analysis bestowed Wondermart with real-time insights into user engagement, solving the mystery of where people were leaving their site and why.

With this information, Wondermart was able to improve its website and marketing strategies.

Solving the Major problem of Why Users were Leaving Before Making a Purchase?

Enhancing User Experience

With insights gleaned from the Funnel Drop-Off Analysis, Wondermart turned its attention to upgrading the overall user experience.

They identified a pain point or a major problem and that was →the confusing checkout processes for the users.

With this insight, they experimented and Improved the checkout process. They made shopping easier by offering different ways to pay, like credit cards and digital wallets, to suit what people like. And this variety made the whole shopping experience better.

Wondermart also made their checkout process quicker by asking for only the most important information, so it’s not too much work for the shoppers.

How do we know it worked? Because this small but important change resulted in a remarkable 20% improvement in conversion rates.

Now, suppose they didn’t have the assistance of real-time analytics and product analytics tools like Percept Insight, then it would have been an uphill battle.

Continual Improvement

Percept Insight’s Funnel Drop-Off Analysis helped Wondermart keep improving how they sell things online. By always paying attention to how people shop. Over time, this led to an increase in how many visitors turned into happy shoppers, making the shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.

You never know, sometimes a small issue can be a major blocker to your success. But, with real-time analytics and product analytics tools like Percept Insight, identifying both major and minor hurdles has never been easier.

The Conclusion

The strategic implementation of Percept Insight’s Funnel Drop-Off Analysis brought about remarkable outcomes for Wondermart.

The enhanced visibility and refined conversion rates were testaments to the power of data-driven decisions in reshaping e-commerce grocery shopping.

Check out what Wondermart’s E-commerce Business and Marketing champion Aishwary Sharma, said about Percept Insight.

“I wish I had this product 5 years ago.”

Wondermart’s success story echoes its unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, embracing Percept Insight as a sophisticated analytics tool.

As the online grocery sector continues to evolve, Wondermart’s triumph serves as proof of the impact of insightful data analysis on business outcomes.

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